Radio Impuls-The radio you are interested in

"We like to play Czech, the best we have." This is the moto of one of the most listened To Czech radio ether. Radio Impuls focuses on Czech and Slovak songs and its repertoire is also a spice of internationalkitchen songs.

Radio Impulsyou can listen anywhere and always gives you information from the first hand. They offer not only the news of the Home and abroad, but also focuses on the reporting of traffic to the Whole Czech Republic. So you are always informed about the time and current.

Online Radio

The Impuls Radio offers you the opportunity to listen online, when you can tune your listening through the interent through your computer. On our interactive online radio website you will find information about all ongoing competitions and events. One of the most popular competitions is "Hello, here impulses", which makes it possible to win a lot of money for the handpicked up phone and the announcement hello, here impulses.

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