Tatry Ponúkajú Nielen Šport, but AJ Wellness

Take it to Tatier. You know the beautiful region, in Ktorom you see a man of the genus Toľko. Mark the National Park Šumave. This is the Czech Žleby hotel. Close to the plan border with Nemeckom and Rakúskom. The Hotel is very clean and comfortable. You can enjoy the surroundings. Spa hotels will have you privíta.
Use this great opportunity to order a stay in our hotel Česká Žleby na Šumave. Get the option to announce SA with our Šumavou. Our hotel Bol built Priamo in the National Park Šumava. You will be with us mať ako vo škatuľke. Our staff is nice and helpful. For example, you can breathe out the wellness hotels.
Pešia Tourism
Stay with us is suitable to behold the hiking. Wellness Šumava is a non-glassed.

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